Letters: Pike As a Raceway

Letters: Pike As a Raceway

To the Editor:

I have resided in Great Falls since 1986. For more than 25 years, I drove along Georgetown Pike, "a scenic byway," to the beltway before 6 a.m. on most business days. I will confess that I usually drove up to 5 mph faster than the legal speed limits. In the past few years, I have observed that Loudoun County residents, who are attempting to avoid the Leesburg Pike parking lot in the early mornings, turn left onto Georgetown Pike and drive to the beltway, as if Georgetown Pike is a Grand Prix Raceway. On many occasions drivers would pass me crossing double yellow lines at speeds 10-20 mph faster than the speed limits.

Great Falls is my home. I am not just passing through it as quickly as possible with reckless abandon. If the Fairfax County Police Department attempted to enforce the speed limits along Georgetown Pike in the early morning hours, it would capture many speeders and restore Georgetown Pike as a scenic byway. 

David C. Elmore

Great Falls