Letter: Start Your Engines

Letter: Start Your Engines

To the Editor:

When is something going to be done about the George Washington race track, formerly known as the George Washington Parkway?

What speed limit 35-45?! More like 70-80 MPH during rush hour! Why people are trying to kill themselves to get to work is beyond me. How many accidents have you seen on the George Washington Parkway between Mount Vernon and Old Town? Massive damage, usually totaled vehicles. How does that happen at 45 MPH?! Answer is: It wouldn’t.

I know traffic signals are not going to be put at the intersections — takes away from the esthetics of the beautiful drive.

How about speed cameras? The Park Police would rake in the revenue on the speeders. You can disguise them as trees, foxes, and deer, whatever you want. Snap a picture, mail it to their house. Let a commercial company front the cost of the equipment and give them a percentage of the revenue.

Don’t want speed cameras? Then just put plastic deer along the parkway. People will slow down to look, and to ensure that their high end leased vehicle won’t get damaged. Speed bumps would be another option as well!

D.C. has the worst drivers in the nation, congrats! How would you like to be a visitor to Mount Vernon and have to take your life in your hands on the parkway? Great reflection on the area! The Park Police do not have the resources to run speed traps all the time.

Someone stop the insanity and slow the traffic down now.

Gino Shoults, Alexandria