Kindness On Bike Trail

Kindness On Bike Trail

To the Editor:

In this fast-paced world it is easy to become cynical and concerned with what has been dubbed as the “me” generation. However, this notion was dispelled one early morning, when a buddy and I went on a 25-mile bike ride on the W&OD, Custis and Mount Vernon Bike Trail. It was surprising how many young and older riders use the trail, many commuting to work.

Near Rossyln, I unexpectedly had a flat tire. We were 9 miles out, without an air pump or an inner tube to fix the flat. We were left in a lurch as to what to do. Within 15 minutes, individually, three bikers (guys as well gals) stopped on the trail to offer help. Knowing how difficult it is to pump up a tire with a hand pump, one of the bikers returned home to get a larger pump. Within a short time we fixed the tire and were able to complete our bike ride.

We were grateful and it was reassuring that in this busy, pressure-driven environment total strangers — the next generation, were willing to take time to get us back on the trail. It was a totally unexpected act of kindness — a wonderful way to start the day.