Poem: Insomnia

Poem: Insomnia

Charlie Flynn

Homework finished,

TV watched,

dinner eaten,

it’s 10 O’clock.

I need a good night’s sleep,

so it’s time for bed,

now all of the questions

flood into my head.

Do they make extra large coffins,

when sumo wrestlers die?

Is there a single true American?

who doesn’t like apple pie?

What happened to #1 pencil?

I’ve only ever seen #2.

Why don’t most adults laugh?

when they hear the word poo-poo?

Who was the little “genius,”

that took “That’s So Raven” off Netflix?

What does high school have waiting for me,

in its little bag of tricks?

Why do feet smell,

and noses run?

Why does it feel so great,

when spinny-chairs are spun?

Is there any real benefit,

to not having doors on a jeep?

But most importantly,

why can’t I fall asleep?