Letter: In Rust, I Trust

Letter: In Rust, I Trust

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I plan to vote for the one person whose demonstrated experience and leadership makes him the only real choice to represent us in the Virginia House of Delegates. That person is Delegate Tom Rust.

I know Tom personally and have known him for a number of years. I have worked with him as a community leader. He has served our community fairly, faithfully, and has done so for a long time. He began his community service as a member of the Herndon Town Council and later served as our Mayor. His service at this level totals over 19 years. He has served us in the House of Delegates since 2002.

His experience, his integrity, and his seniority are an asset that is recognized in the Virginia legislature by members of both parties. Tom is a trusted and respected leader as borne out in the endorsements by a number of groups and organizations; The Washington Post, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Education Association, and the Fairfax County Education Association.

As our Delegate, one of Tom’s many accomplishments is the historic transportation funding passed by the Virginia General Assembly this year – legislation that will greatly benefit our community. Tom was a key leader in getting the transportation funding package passed. Another of Tom’s very important legislative achievements - he was instrumental in setting the table for Medicaid expansion.

We need a leader who can deliver – and who has delivered for us– we need Tom Rust.

We need a delegate who can – and who has worked with both parties – we need Tom Rust. We need a leader who recognizes the challenges that we face – and who will reject partisan politics - to craft workable, realistic solutions - we need Tom Rust. We need a man whom we can trust - we need Tom Rust.

This Tuesday, the choice shouldn't be clearer. Proven independent leadership, I am voting for Delegate Tom Rust on Nov. 5, because, in Rust, I trust.

Charlie Waddell

Herndon, VA