Letter: Connolly Is Best at Humor, Not Details

Letter: Connolly Is Best at Humor, Not Details

To the Editor:

In his letter ["The Damage Is Already Done," Connection, Oct. 23-29, 2013], Rep. [Gerry] Connolly (D-11) asserts a number of cases of individuals hurt by or concerned about the 13-day shutdown of the federal government. Is it remotely possible that some of this pain also derived from the recent Federal tax increases and the Fairfax County property tax increase?

Happily, I suppose, Rep. Connolly may have noticed that the shutdown did not effect implementation of his beloved ObamaCare. No, that went off just as planned. Another triumph of big government. But now, Rep. Connolly professes a willingness to work with others to "improve" ObamaCare … too bad this self-appointed "bipartisan" congressman didn't take that approach during the legislative process leading to this law.

And, the congressman doesn't like the threat of a default to deal with the debt ceiling. Did Mr. Connolly point out his concerns to then-Senator Obama who made the very same threat during the Bush presidency?

Mr. Connolly asserts that the threat of default jeopardized our international standing. Sort of like drawing a red line, letting it fade to pink, then beige. Did that hurt our international standing? Or, is Mr. Connolly just delighted with our Narcissist-in-Chief's conduct of foreign policy?

Finally, Mr. Connolly asserts he and some businessmen had a plan to "forge a path forward." Very nice. So, share the details with us Mr. Congressman … what exactly would you do about entitlement spending? What spending cuts would you support? How much should taxes be raised this time? How about a few specific answers beyond the trite rhetoric.

For my part, I don't expect detailed answers but I will look forward to Rep. Connolly's next appearance at the Comedy Club on behalf of the IRS.

Jack Gleason