Cooper Middle Hosts Super Cooper Looper

Cooper Middle Hosts Super Cooper Looper

Students take part in a mile-long fun run for health and fitness.

On a crisp and sunny November day, Cooper Middle School students took even breaths and careful strides as they leapt towards the finish line in the Super Cooper Looper. The Nov. 13 event featured both seventh and eighth grade student participants in two separate mile-long fun runs. In conjunction with the actual run, students were asked to donate shoes and coats upon signing up for the fun run. The Super Cooper Looper provides students with an opportunity to give back while also engaging in a fitness activity designed to be fun and educational. The students, both running club and non-running club members ran on a track behind the school, designed by faculty organizers. As they ran, they were cheered on by fellow students, faculty organizers, spectators, and Langley High School Cross Country team members.

As the students ran, they attempted to achieve their personal bests. Seventh grader Dylan Reed finished first with a time of 6:18 (six minutes and eighteen seconds) which, in addition to becoming his personal best, set a new record for the best time overall. He was followed by Ben Kostelancik with a time of 6:23. For the seventh grade girls, Charlotte Smith came in first with a time of 6:41, followed by Gianna Mitchell in second place at 6:55. For the eighth grade boys, Hans Volmeck arrived in first with a time of 6:19, followed by Pierce Gallo with a time of 6:25. For the eighth grade girls, Olivia Gromers arrived with a time of 7:11, followed by Zoe DeTrani in second place with 7:18 on the clock.

More than just a run, the Super Cooper Looper is a learning initiative. Physical Education teacher Scott Worthington described the event as an opportunity to encourage students to run and learn more about healthy living. Worthington stated that he and fellow teacher for eighth grade Civics Duane Novotni, who coined the name of the event, are themselves marathon-runners who wanted to parlay their knowledge of running into an educational opportunity. According to Worthington, the event reinforces education regarding fitness and nutrition which is a current focus in the Fairfax County curriculum. Worthington facilitated this year’s run along with fellow facilitators Novotni and teachers Sarah Aldini, Jody Jacobs and Jennifer Perantoni.

While participants ran the race, they passed by Langley High School’s Cross Country team members who volunteered to hold signs describing good nutritional habits.