Letter: Focus on Economy

Letter: Focus on Economy

To the Editor:

Virginia's abortion laws are unlikely to be any different four years after the new governor's inauguration from what they are on the day of his inauguration, no matter who is elected. The Democratic Senate would not allow any additional restrictions, and the Republican House would not go along with the relaxation of current law.

And on the topic of contraception, candidate Ken Cuccinelli has publicly repeated his position that government should not have a role in regulating contraceptives.

There are more important issues facing our Commonwealth right now, such as protecting Virginians from the burgeoning ObamaCare disaster, paring back special interest tax exemptions that do not directly benefit our citizens, and maintaining a sound job-producing economy.

The choice is between an experienced, principled, fiscally minded Ken Cuccinelli and an inexperienced, wheeler-dealer Terry McAuliffe.

Ken Cuccinelli is the clear choice for Virginia.

Rosalyn Bellis