Letter: Blame on Both Sides

Letter: Blame on Both Sides

To the Editor:

In Mr. Connolly's editorial [“The Damage Is Already Done,” Connection, Oct. 24-30, 2013] he comes off as victim in this game called politics, when really all that comes from the Congress is lies, deceit and corruption, from both sides.

I remind you that all of Congress’ (not just the Republicans) approval ratings have reached depths never before seen in our nation’s history.

I also remind you that you passed legislation that controls 1/6th of our nation’s economy, without a single "yes" vote from the other side of the aisle. There was no discussion, just slippery back room deals, followed by a last minute change in procedure by Harry Reid to ram this legislation through.

We are now seeing the result of your incompetence in the fact that, after $600MM dollars of taxpayer money, you can't even get the website to work. I'm sure you're proud. Further, nobody seems to want to be accountable. We hear "let's just look forward for a solution." No!

That's not how it works in "real life." In my house, when my kids screw up we discuss accountability, we assign appropriate punishment, then we move forward to ensure that the screw-ups don't recur. That's real life, Mr. Connolly, not the fantasy land that you are lucky enough to enjoy.

Regarding your comments around defeating the ACA, it seems you have forgotten the landslide election in 2010 where the American people cast their votes, in an attempt to put a stop to this madness.

One thing I do agree with, Mr. Connolly, and that is that America deserves better. We deserve better than you, and we deserve better than all of the hypocrites (on both sides) that currently roam the halls of Congress without a clue about what they're doing or a care about anyone but yourselves, your job security and your special interests.

Bob Carlin

Fairfax Station