Insiders’ Tips: What are the best things about living in Springfield?

Kim Gregg

Kim Gregg Photo by Eleanor Lamb/The Connection


Carol Strobridge

Carol Strobridge, artist and homemaker, living in Springfield for 27 years

“We came for the schools initially. The commute to the Pentagon is very convenient. I like the art guilds in Alexandria and Springfield. The swim club was nice. Folks are decent out here. There hasn’t been a radical change. It’s very stable.”


Connor Stang

Connor Stang, high school student, living in Springfield 14 years

“There’s no shortage of things to do. There are lots of places to hang out with friends. The high school is good and close and the neighborhoods are nice. [It’s nice] to go to Burke Lake or bike around. There are lots of places to do outdoor things. Everything’s close.”


Suzie Eichhorn

Suzie Eichhorn, college student, living in the same house in Springfield for 19 years

“It’s close enough that you have easy access to city life, but it still has that feel of community. It’s family oriented. It’s close enough that in any direction you can find something to do. [I recommend] visiting as many places as you can, but remember that you’ll always have a comfy place to come home to.”


Kim Gregg

Kim Gregg, mother, living in Springfield for 48 years

“I grew up in Springfield. As far as raising a family, there are lots of opportunities for kids to participate in sports and theater. Although there’s the quick trip to the Kennedy Center, there’s stock theater [in the area].”


Dale Brogan

Dale Brogan, retired teacher, living in Springfield for 24 years

“I grew up in Alexandria and Arlington. I came [to the area] when I was 5. I came [to Springfield] for the school system, which is outstanding, when my son was 4. We’re close to everything. We can get into Washington easily and the Metro’s close by. With the weather, we rarely get extremes. We don’t get droughts or floods. I personally like having four seasons. We’re in a sort of hub. We’re not that far from the ocean. We’re close to Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail. You go in any direction for two or three hours, you’ll find all kinds of things.”