What’s Next for Great Falls Traffic?

What’s Next for Great Falls Traffic?

To the Editor:

As one of the "naysayers" noted by Eric Knudsen in your latest article about the "Walker Road Diet Project," I applaud him for continuing to put his face on the ridiculous projects the Great Falls Citizen's Association has imposed on us. His proud image standing in the middle of our newly completed Million Dollar Speed Trap might have been more impressive if he had a snow shovel in his hands and was clearing the new "walkways to nowhere" which went unshoveled all winter. He mentions that the cost of the project was nearly 400 poercent the original estimate, but the County should be able to recover that expense with traffic fines imposed on busy drivers tending to chores or getting their kids to school. But just when I thought that GFCA projects could not get more ridiculous, I see that after waiting over 30 years for walking trails that connect the Great Falls Village to the Great Falls Park and Riverbend Park, we will soon get a "hard surface trail" that connects us to Reston. What sort of snacks are ingested at those GFCA meetings? What's next "Traffic Circles"?

Gene Phillip

Great Falls