Election Day Nov. 4

Election Day Nov. 4

Every state and local office that represents Potomac is on the ballot Nov. 4.

Montgomery County Election Calendar

  • Oct. 14: Deadline to register to vote or change your address online.
  • Oct. 23: Early voting begins at 10am
  • Oct. 30: Early voting ends at 8pm
  • Nov. 4: Election Day (vote at your polling place between 7am to 8pm)


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If you want some choice in who will represent you on County Council, as County Executive, in the Maryland General Assembly, now is the time to engage. If you think it doesn’t matter much, these are the people who make land use decisions, decide what to do with county property, who set tax rates, who decide how much money will go to schools, who control services that affect traffic and many other things that affect quality of life more than anything that happens at a national level. Every Montgomery County voter will receive a detailed ballot booklet which will include their polling place location in the mail.


Incumbent County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) will face Republican challenger Jim Shalleck.




Potomac residents are represented by the District 1 county councilmember and the four at-large councilmembers. The incumbent Democrats in all of these positions won their primary elections.


Voters choose one candidate.

Incumbent Roger Berliner (D-1) will face Republican challenger Jim Kirkland.


Voters will vote for four candidates of the nine names on the ballot.

Democrat incumbents will face four Republican challengers and one Green Party candidate.

Marc Elrich (D-at large), marcelrich.com

Nancy Floreen (D-at large), www.nancyfloreen.org

George Leventhal (D-at large), www.georgeleventhal.com

Han Riemer (D-at large), hansriemer.com

Robert Dyer (R), www.RobertDyer.net

Chris P. Fiotes Jr. (R)

Adol T. Owen-Williams II (R)

Shelly Skolnick (R)

Tim Willard (Green)

Montgomery County State’s Attorney

Incumbent Democrat John McCarthy, johnmccarthy.us

Republican Dan Gaskill, www.facebook.com/pages/Dan-Gaskill-for-States-Attorney/202411253290307

Montgomery County Board of Education

There are seven members of the Montgomery County Board of Education, plus a student member. Two members serve at-large, while the other five members live in their geographic districts. But all members are elected county-wide by voters across the county, and serve staggered terms. Members of the Board of Education are non-partisan and elected without identifying as belonging to any political party.

This year, one at-large member and members of Districts 1, 3 and 5 are on the ballot.

Board of Education At Large, voters choose one of two:

Shebra Evans, www.shebraevans.com

Jill Ortman-Fouse, www.jill4allkids.com

Board of Education District 1, voters choose one of two:

Judy Docca

Kristin G. Trible

Board of Education District 3, voters choose one of two:

Laurie Halverson,www.lauriehalverson.com/

Patricia O’Neill, www.patoneill.org

Board of Education District 5, voters choose one of two:

Mike Durso, www.facebook.com/durso4boe

Larry Edmonds, www.facebook.com/pages/Larry-Edmonds-for-Board-of-Education-District-5/389020714546495

Incumbent Sheriff Darren Popkin (D), Clerk of the Court Barbara H. Meiklejohn (D), and Register of Wills Joseph M. Griffin (D) are all running unopposed.

U.S. Congress

Potomac is divided between Maryland Congressional Districts 6 and 8.

District 6:

Incumbent John K. Delaney (D), www.delaneyforcongress.com

Dan Bongino (R), www.bongino.com

George Gluck, (Green), georgegluck.com

District 8:

Incumbent Chris Van Hollen (D-8)


Dave Wallace (R)


For Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Voters will choose one ticket:

Anthony Brown and Ken Ulman (D) www.anthonybrown.com

Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford (R) www.hoganforgovernor.com

Shawn Quinn and Lorenzo Gaztanaga (Libertarian)


Incumbent Peter Franchot (D)

William H. Campbell (R)

State Delegates and Senators

Potomac is split between District 15 and 16. Each resident is represented by one state senator and three state delegates from their district. District 16 includes Bethesda, Chevy Chase and parts of Potomac.

District 15 Senate:

Brian Feldman (D), brianjfeldman.com

Robin Ficker (R), www.fickersfor15.com

District 15 Delegate:

Voters pick three of the six candidates on the ballot:

Kathleen Dumais (D), www.kathleendumais.com

David Fraser-Hidalgo (D), fraserfor15.org

Aruna Miller (D),

Ed Edmundson (R) ed4md.org

Flynn Ficker (R), fickersfor15.com

Christine Thron (R)

District 16 Senate:

Susan Lee (D), susanleeforsenate.com/

Meyer Marks (R), marksformaryland.org

District 16 Delegate:

Voters pick three of the six candidates on the ballot:

Bill Frick (D), www.billfrick.com

Ariana Kelly (D), kellyfordelegate.com

Marc Korman (D), marckorman.com

John Andrews (R), www.andrewsfordelegate.com

Lynda del Castillo (R)

Rose Maria Li (R), www.voteroseli.com

There will be one Montgomery County question and two statewide questions on the ballot:

Statewide Question 1 Constitutional Amendment (Ch. 422 of the 2013 Legislative Session) Transportation Trust Fund – Use of Funds

(Amending Article III by adding Section 53 to the Maryland Constitution)

Limits the use of Transportation Trust Funds to the payment of principal and interest on transportation bonds and for constructing and maintaining an adequate highway system or any other transportation-related purpose. Also prohibits the transfer of Transportation Trust Funds into the General Fund or a special fund of the State, except for: (1) an allocation or use of highway user revenues for local governments or (2) a transfer of funds to the Maryland Transportation Authority or the Maryland Transportation Authority Fund. Transportation Trust Funds may be used for non-transportation related purposes or transferred to the general fund or a special fund only if the Governor declares a fiscal emergency and the General Assembly approves legislation, by a three-fifths vote of both houses, concurring with the use or transfer of the funds.

Statewide Question 2 Constitutional Amendment (Ch. 261 of the 2014 Legislative Session) Special Election to fill Vacancy in Office of Chief Executive Officer or County Executive

(Amending Article XI-A, Section 3 and Article XVIII, Section 2 of the Maryland Constitution)

Authorizes charter counties to provide for special elections to fill a vacancy in the office of chief executive officer or county executive, and exempts a special election to fill a vacancy in the office of chief executive officer or county executive of a charter county from the constitutional requirement that elections for State and county officers be held on a specified four-year cycle. Under existing law, charter counties may only authorize special elections to fill vacancies on the county council.

Montgomery County Question A, Charter Amendment by Act of County Council District Councilmember Residency Requirement

Amend Sections 102, 104, 106, and 114 of the County Charter to:

  • clarify that a candidate for a District Council seat must reside in the district at the time of the primary and general election;
  • provide that a councilmember elected by a district must reside in that district during the member’s entire term;
  • provide that any change in the district boundaries during a district councilmember’s term does not render the councilmember ineligible to complete that term;
  • clarify that any revised Council District boundaries apply in any special election held to fill a vacancy after the boundaries are amended; and
  • clarify that, if a vacancy occurs, the Council appointee, or the candidate elected in a special election to fill the vacancy, must reside in the district as it exists when the vacancy occurs.