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Get Involved

West Montgomery County Citizens Association: Potomac’s umbrella citizens association.

The Green Wedge

In 1964, the Montgomery County Council adopted the General Plan "On Wedges and Corridors." This plan established land use guidelines for the County and set the standard for local and area master plans. The General Plan "envisioned the Potomac Subregion as a low density residential wedge area, which would complement the developed I-270 corridor."

The plan explains that a "low density, rural and semi-rural area is needed not only for aesthetic reasons, but ... as a conservation area to protect the public water supply" and to insulate agriculture "from the development pressures which affect those areas closer to the transportation corridor."

Throughout its over 47-year history, The West Montgomery County Citizens Association strives to maintain quality of life by monitoring growth and by placing the highest priority on green space. WMCCA aims to protect the environment; perpetuate animal and bird habitats; encourage low density, controlled growth and confined commercial areas; and it supports the philosophy, policies and goals of the General Plan as set forth in the 1980 Master Plan for the Potomac Subregion.

Organized for Action

In 1989-90, WMCCA adopted a full range of policy statements addressing Ethics in Government, Taxation, Planning and Zoning, Environmental Issues, and Roads. These statements are the basis of members' common ideas. They articulate direction and allow the organization to quickly and judiciously respond to new questions and agendas.

Through its committees, WMCCA is primed to accomplish its objectives and to:

  • Study proposals in State and County Transportation, Planning and Zoning, Taxation, Environmental Protection and Services;

  • Review agendas of the County Council, Board of Appeals and Planning Board;

  • Assess impact and develop position statements on issues, then represent these positions before County and State authorities.

Armed with facts, statistics, and the backing of members, WMCCA will then:

  • Meet with government officials, testify and retain counsel, if needed, to ensure that citizen's views are heard;

  • Work with other community groups to broaden citizen awareness; and

  • Provide education forums, publicize issues, and strengthen community involvement.

Attention to detail and willingness to stay the course have meant many victories for the environment and quality of life. WMCCA has helped:

  • Save sensitive areas from over-development;

  • Preserve trees and stream valleys;

  • Limit commercial areas;

  • Retain quality and style in commercial establishments;

  • Maintain low density zoning and residential quality of the area; and

  • Keep major highways from cutting across the community.