Arlington Opinion: On Fracking

Arlington Opinion: On Fracking

The U.S. Forest Service has reversed course and paved the way for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the George Washington Forest.

The George Washington Forest is a national treasure and a favorite place for many 48th district residents. It's something we must protect. In addition to impacting the scenic beauty of the forest, hydraulic fracturing poses a great risk to local streams and the water supply. While I understand that some additional precautions will be implemented, the fact remains that when we inject known toxins and carcinogens into the Earth, there are bound to be some hazardous environmental consequences. I am not prepared to accept these consequences.

I have begun exploring ways through the legislative process by which we can ensure no fracking takes place in the George Washington Forest, and look forward to attacking this problem head-on in the upcoming session of the Virginia General Assembly. I will also continue to stay in touch with the Governor's office and the US Interior Department to do all I can to preserve the integrity of one of our Commonwealth's most prized possessions- the George Washington National Forest.

The 48th House of Delegates District is composed of parts of Arlington and McLean.