Solving Foot Pain

Solving Foot Pain

New store focuses on keeping people moving.

The shop Good Feet offers products that ease foot pain.

The shop Good Feet offers products that ease foot pain.

Feel pain in your feet, ankles or lower back? The diagnosis could be plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, heel spurs, neuromas, arthritis, sciatica, knee, hip or leg issues — all of these can account for movement pain. Walking may have become a chore and standing for a few hours a nightmare.


Good Feet owner Kendall Brumley with employees Kevin Hoover and Melissa Marques.

A new store in Rockville can help manage the pain. Good Feet, a franchise store, is committed to helping to alleviate foot pain and make people feel better about moving, exercising and walking. Good Feet provides custom fitting of feet with various levels of foot supports. The store carries 350 different sizes and 25 different styles to fit every type of foot.

The owner of Good Feet, Kendall Brumley moved to the Potomac area from Dallas, Texas, where she owned and operated nine stores that were similar to Good Feet. When she realized that Montgomery County had no stores like Good Feet, she decided to open her store in Wintergreen Plaza.

“Good Feet is terrific for many reasons,” she said. “You can try on the orthotics and immediately feel the pressure come off. We measure your foot to make certain the orthotic will fit perfectly and will provide the correct support. We also carry lines of shoes that are very comfortable with the orthotics. Most importantly, our orthotics carry a life-time warranty. The prices are from $99 to $299, so they are less expensive than those that a podiatrist orders — and you can get them immediately.”

“As you get older, you lose fat from the bottom of your feet,” Brumley said. “When you walk, each time your heel lifts off the ground, it forces the toes to carry one-half of your body weight. This puts a lot of stress on your feet. If you are carrying extra weight, that adds to the pressure on your knees, ankles and feet and also causes strain and tension. The arch supports and orthotics that we sell take the pressure off and provide individualized support to relieve unnecessary trauma, weight and discomfort from heel to toe.”

Good Feet carries Aetrex and Apex shoes which feature running, hiking and walking shoes — and even flip-flops; all are fit with Good Feet orthotics. The store also carries specialized socks that remove pressure points from different parts of the foot.

“We see people with bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis — every type of foot problem — and we are able to make our customers so happy,” she said.

Good Feet is located in the Wintergreen Plaza at 815 Rockville Pike, next to Total Hockey. They are open Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday from 12 – 4 p.m. Call 301-424-2250 or visit