CVHS Art Students Win 33 Awards

CVHS Art Students Win 33 Awards

Centreville High students won a total of 33 awards in the recent Fairfax County Public Schools Regional Scholastic Art competition. Winners were announced Monday, Jan. 27. Their awards included 15 Gold Keys, the highest regional honor for artwork.

Gold Key (GK) Silver Key (SK) and Certificate of Merit (CM) recipients are listed below, as well as each student’s name, grade level, art medium, title of work and teacher.

Claire Cho 12 GK Painting / Generation Gap Killinger

Alissa Damato 12 GK Sculpture / Religious Rifle Marcaccio

Mary Do 12 GK Art Port. / The Political Pig Marcaccio

Michelle Emsley 12 GK Photo / Train of Thought Dreon

Min Kyong Han 12 GK Art Port. / Nuts And Bolts Marcaccio

Heejoo Hong 12 GK Jewelry / I’m Not Junk! Marcaccio

Heejoo Hong 12 GK Sculpture / Through It All Marcaccio

Natalie Hopkins 12 GK Art Port. / Distorted Speech Marcaccio

Sue Jung 12 GK Photo Port. / Flipped Dreon

Kinley Miles 11 GK Sculpture / Heartless Marcaccio

Namisha Nangia 10 GK Photography / Views Dreon

Jeremiah Ok 12 GK Drawing / Chain of Predation Killinger

Jeremiah Ok 12 GK Drawing / City Chaos Killinger

Ye Ri Park 11 GK Painting / Time Is Irrelevant Killinger

Jordan Sims 12 GK Photography / Spaceman Dreon

Jordan Axelrod 12 SK Ceramics / Journey Marcaccio

Alissa Damato 12 SK Sculpture / Donkey Head Marcaccio

Michelle Emsley 12 SK Sculpture / Filial Piety Marcaccio

Min Kyong Han 12 SK Fashion / Hair Dress Marcaccio

Heejoo Hong 12 SK Sculpture / Man of War Marcaccio

Megan Muntean 9 SK Photography / Hostage Dreon

Jeremiah Ok 12 SK Drawing / The Stretch Killinger

Alexandra Busenitz11 CM Ceramics / Mom’s Kitchen Marcaccio

Claire Cho 12 CM Sculpture / Internal Glimpse Marcaccio

Elizabeth Graft 10 CM Digital Art / Text Portrait Hayes

HeeJoo Hong 12 CM Digital Art / Nervous Hayes

Heejoo Hong 12 CM Art Portfolio / Greed Marcaccio

Min Joo Kim 11 CM Painting Unspoken Words Killinger

Ye Chee Lee 12 CM Painting Depression Killinger

Vanessa Martinez 10 CM Photography / Mala Dreon

Megan Muntean 9 CM Photography / Skeleton Dreon

Laura Sanchez 11 CM Photo. / World In Her Hands Dreon

Youngjin Shin 11 CM Sculpture / The Retired Bee Marcaccio