More on ‘Wrong Direction’

More on ‘Wrong Direction’

To the Editor:

I enjoyed both recent letters written to the Connection re "Development Taking Wrong Direction." I have lived in Great Falls since 1974, 40 years this coming November. I have watched this small rural community change in many ways that are not all for the better - sidewalks being the most recent. When I moved to Great Falls in 1974 there were no shopping centers, restaurants and sidewalks like McLean, Reston and Vienna. Great Falls had "Bucks Feed Store" and it was the only shopping. If one wanted shopping, restaurants and/or a library one drove all of 4 miles to Reston. However, as people moved out of Reston, Vienna and McLean for the rural life the first thing they wanted to do is make Great Falls like the place they were moving away from. Sidewalks are just the next step in that change towards Reston or McLean. Next people will want Fairfax county water and sewer, which the developers will love as it will allow for high-density development with apartments, condos, and townhouses. No one should be surprised with the sidewalks as just another step to a Reston - I am not surprised.

Dudley Losselyong

Great Falls