From Two Perspectives

From Two Perspectives

AnneMarie and MJ at holiday party.

AnneMarie and MJ at holiday party. Photo Contributed

From the student, MJ Greentree

I have been working with my tutor from Wright to Read for almost a year. Each week, Ms. Anne Marie and I work on a variety of projects that require reading. The types of books I like to read are chapter and educational books. When we read, we try to find out the morals of the story to help understand what I am reading and that makes me want to read more. I enjoy reading a lot, because now I understand the words and what they mean. I learned to pronounce words better than before.

I also like the fun projects that we do. We work on interesting science experiments like making a plaster volcano where I read the instructions and learned about volcanoes. We also use iPhone apps to play word games which are really fun.

The special things I have done with my tutor are going on field trips like the air and space museum to meet other kids in the program and talk to them. I also like the award ceremony at the summer picnic, because we played games and got to have lunch with my tutor.

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I have advanced my reading level in school a lot and that makes me feel proud. In the beginning of 3rd grade, I could not read. I am now in 4th grade and I am reading a lot better because of the Wright to Read program. My teacher complimented me on how much better I am at reading. I like having Ms. Anne Marie as my tutor because she is fun and unique.

I think Ms. Anne Marie deserves the mentor of the month award, because she brings cools stuff to explore and learn about, and I get to earn prizes for my reading achievement. She is a good tutor in general. What I like the most about Ms. Anne Marie is that we just don't read, she helps me learn in a fun way.

My friends are missing out on so much by not being in the program. The Wright to Read program is so much fun and I really recommend it. I am reading chapter books like this (snap!)

From the Mentor, Anne Marie DiNardo

I look forward to spending time with my mentee MJ each week. This program has changed my life. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with MJ and see him advance in his reading. MJ is very enthusiastic and excited about learning. It’s a lot of fun working with him and I have learned a lot too!