Letter: Safety for Cyclists Appreciated

Letter: Safety for Cyclists Appreciated

— To the Editor:

I am a newly returning resident to Alexandria. I live just off King Street near T.C. Williams High School. An avid bicycle commuter since 1999 (NOVA and other areas), I looked forward to returning. Many days I ride the entire route to work, but also ride to the metro. While I live closest to the King Street Metro, after a few close calls and preferring not to ride the sidewalk, which is for pedestrians, I changed my route to the Braddock Road Metro instead. It is a longer route, but one that is safer for cyclists.

I enjoy riding my bicycle into Old Town on the weekends and now have a child old enough to ride his tag-a-long and soon his own bicycle with me. The thought of enjoying the Farmer's Market, or walking along the water, enjoying the restaurants and shops is something we both look forward to in the upcoming warmer weather months. The prospect of the King Street Calming Project beginning soon is a very exciting initiative and I'm so thankful to live in a community considerate of all its citizens and their choices.

Alternative modes of transportation such as walking or cycling are great for the community. Walking and cycling and safe access to our towns and cities keep traffic and congestion down and enable us to spend our money locally. If it is safe to easily ride my bicycle into Old Town for dinner or a shopping trip to a local business, I will be less inclined to drive elsewhere and spend money at a chain establishment.

Well done Alexandria. I'm so thankful to live in such a terrific community.

Patty Collins