Local Author Publishes ‘Meditations of the Heart’

Local Author Publishes ‘Meditations of the Heart’

Q and A with Burke resident Deborah Gibson.

Deborah Gibson is a professional counselor and pastor at Sup of the Lord Church, a bilingual church in Springfield. She has lived in Burke for 28 years. Gibson recently published a book, “Meditations of the Heart,” and shares her story below.

Q: Why did you decide to write this book?

A: When I first started writing the articles, it was not with the intent of writing the book. I just started noticing that when I would think of certain things, it just came natural that I would see a spiritual connotation in what I was thinking about. So I started writing these little articles to put in our church bulletin, just so people could get to know me a little better. I started that in 2007. At first I changed it every week-I was writing an article every week. After a year or two, it became work intensive and I just continued writing them once a month. I started getting very good feedback on them, especially from the women. About a year and a half ago, I started thinking seriously about compiling them and putting them into a devotional format. But I didn’t want them just for the sake of reading-I added a little biblical study connected with every one of the devotionals.

Q: Why did you decide on the title?

A: Because that is basically what it was. It was just different thoughts I would have and how I would go into a meditation on one thing. I was sitting in our backyard and reading, and I noticed in our evergreen tree there was a fight going on between birds. A much larger bird was trying to get into the nest of a small bird. The much smaller bird was just fighting for its nest, and chasing this bigger bird. I just started realizing, as parents, that’s what we do, and even in the spiritual realm, that’s what we do. That’s the type of thought process that I have. Then I would just put it down in words.

Q: How was the process of getting a publisher?


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Deborah Gibson signs a copy of her new book, “Meditations of the Heart,” at its launch event on Jan. 11. Gibson said the Spanish version of the book should be published by May.

A: That was scary. I talked with different people I know that have published books. Everything was a little scary for me, from how difficult it is to find a good publisher, how much money it costs and everything. I even went out and got myself “Publishing for Dummies”- that didn’t help too much, I was even more confused. But I talked to a pastor friend of ours who has written and published many books. He does a lot of educational type publications. He started talking to me about self-publishing, because that’s how he started. So that’s what I did. Mili Parra was a tremendous help for me. I don’t think the book would be in existence without her. With her graphics company, Crearte, she was able to do the editing for me, the layout, the graphics, everything. It was so helpful for me to have someone that close to me walk me through the process.

Q: What was your favorite part about writing this book?

A: Just seeing my thoughts in print, and watching them flow. When the inspiration would come, just sitting in front of the computer and just letting the words flow was very relaxing for me.

Q: Did you draw a lot on your own life experiences in writing this book?

A: Definitely. Throughout the book, readers will meet my husband, they’ll meet my children, and they’ll even meet my grandchildren. Because it’s all from my own life and things that I’ve experienced-hurts and joys, it’s all there. I think a lot of it is really autobiographical, because it’s really about my life.

Q: Who is the book for?

A: I would say it is for everyone, but it leans more towards women, just because it’s coming from a women’s perspective. I have gotten comments from men in the congregation who have read the articles and said they were moved by them. I would like to capture younger women, just to help them on their road a little bit.