Letter: Importance of Compomise

Letter: Importance of Compomise

To the Editor:

Some residents of Alexandria seem to believe that just because things have been a certain way they are entitled to them remaining that way forever. Some near T. C. Williams High School whine that the city promised not to put lights on athletic fields. Not only should the proposed tennis courts have lights but so should the football stadium. My children played many soccer games in the dim of twilight. Other schools in the area are located near residences and they have lights. It was a promise that should never have been made.

There are those who oppose a bicycle lane on King Street Hill moaning that their apparent inalienable right to parking on the street will be taken from them. I live on upper King Street where there is no on-street parking.

Then, there are those residents of Old Town who oppose development in the waterfront area. It is in the interest of the entire community to retain our local character, but times change and status quo almost always leads eventually to decay.

Part of living in a community is compromising your own interests for the benefit of the community as a whole, which ultimately makes it a more desirable place for you, as well.

Charles P. Brinkman, Alexandria