Comstock Image Versus Record

Comstock Image Versus Record

To the Editor:

Regarding the Connection article "Comstock runs for Congress," Connection, Jan. 15, the Virginia legislature gerrymandered the 10th Congressional District to ensure that Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34) lived in that district so that when Congressman Frank Wolf retired, she would be in a position to run for his seat. In her two terms as a delegate in a body dominated by her party, she has focused on a number of "mom and apple pie" issues like lyme disease (she's against it) and more slots for Northern Virginia students at state universities (she's for that but proposes no way to pay for the increased cost to the universities). In the meantime, she voted against the historic, bi-partisan transportation funding compromise last year, and also opposed the state budget that included greater funding for higher education and teacher pay raises. She also voted numerous times to allow greater access to guns. Yet, when speaking in McLean, she invariably fails to mention these votes and skirts any questions.

Ms. Comstock's polished image and ultra-conservative voting record are designed to let her have it both ways. She hopes to be seen as mainstream by her McLean and Great Falls neighbors, but at the same time rigidly supported the rural interests that dominate the House of Delegates. Northern Virginia needs a Representative that supports the interests of a growing urban, economically vibrant district So far, her interest has been just the opposite: lyme disease versus transportation; guns versus education.

Steve Mournighan