Letter: Outraged by Medicaid Rejection

Letter: Outraged by Medicaid Rejection

To the Editor:

The article in The Connection which described the rally at Neighborhood Health Services in Lorton [“Medicaid Expansion Supporters Rally,” June 19-25, 2014] is a perfect demonstration of the disgust and outrage that many feel over the rejection of Medicaid expansion in the recent budget passed in the General Assembly.

It is senseless to reject federal funds that would clearly benefit Virginians. Even more preposterous is the fact that, despite being one of the richest counties in the nation, Fairfax County is home to tens of thousands of people who lack heath insurance. More than 35,000 of our fellow Fairfax neighbors could be covered under Medicaid expansion.

Republican Delegates like Jim LeMunyon, Dave Albo, and Barbara Comstock insist on denying healthcare to people because of ideology, not facts. Virginia Republicans have not offered any alternatives to closing the coverage gap, and their inaction is clear – they have no plans to help uninsured Virginians.

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia is a moral imperative and makes sense economically. Medicaid expansion means more productive employees for businesses. It means Virginians would have more money in their pockets. It can lift struggling people out of poverty and reduce the threat of a devastating medical bankruptcy. However, the Republican Party of “No” once again, stands in the way.

Kathie Wespheling