Letter: ODBC’s Summer Decision

Letter: ODBC’s Summer Decision

To the Editor:

The Old Dominion Boat Club membership will be voting this weekend, July 19-21, on the Property Acquisition and Exchange agreement. Although the club voted in March to accept the move option, this is the document that lays out the details and must also be voted upon. After years of negotiations with the city, the most important decision on ODBC’s future will be decided by a vote in the middle of summer. The club does not have absentee voting. It does not have proxy voting. A member can only vote in person during that weekend.

The membership was told that it is because of the city’s desire to

complete the deal quickly that the vote needed to be done in July.

Never-mind that City Council is on vacation (recess) until September.

Ironically, a club founded with boating and summer activities in mind

will have its future decided while many are on vacation.

Dave Beck, Alexandria