Great Falls Creamery Opens

Great Falls Creamery Opens

Local family runs business.

Patti McKeown, Laura Murray and Ian McKeown are three of the four owners of newly opened Great Falls Creamery.

Patti McKeown, Laura Murray and Ian McKeown are three of the four owners of newly opened Great Falls Creamery. Photo by Reena Singh.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate chip cookie dough or mint chocolate chip?

Great Falls Creamery, the newest ice cream shop in town, opened earlier this summer to give locals an in-town option for their favorite scoops.

“It’s a true family business,” said Patti McKeown.

Patti runs the business with her husband Gary, son Ian and future daughter-in-law Laura Murray.

Ian owns State Garden Center across the street. He recalled the day someone at the shop suggested that he open an ice cream parlor in the Great Falls Village Center.

“The goal is for it to be Great Falls’ creamery,” said Ian. “Where the customer can see the ice cream being made. They know it’s good.”

Everything a customer can dream up is served there. The most commonly requested items are hard scoops, soft serve and milkshakes, but the Creamery also serves root beer floats, mixed scoops and - as one person has requested - a sorbet shake.


Patti McKeown, Laura Murray and Ian McKeown are three of the four owners of newly opened Great Falls Creamery.

THE MORE POPULAR ice cream flavors have been mint chocolate chip and moose tracks, but the shop also offers more creative flavors like dulce de leche and cherry jubilee.

The creamery opened June 29 for a soft opening. However, because the Concerts on the Green was right outside their window, they ended up having lines out the door. Those lines have become a tradition of sorts for the shop every Sunday since then.

“It’s fun to see familiar faces as well as new faces,” said Murray. “It’s a feel good environment.”

Even with its success, the company is thinking long term. Murray said new plans for organic ice cream from a dairy farm that grass-feeds their cows may be available soon. The creamery hopes to experiment with their own flavors in the future as well.

“We would love to be able to add our own flavors and add new creations,” she said. “We’ve always talked about fresh produce - fresh peaches and strawberries.”

They are also planning promotions and weekly specials. Currently, the weekly specials include $1 off banana splits on Monday, getting your first topping free on Wednesday and $5 large shakes Friday. These weekly specials will be changed up every so often.

Additionally, Murray said the shop is planning a “last taste of freedom” special on Sept. 1, the day before school starts again. From 1 to 2:50 p.m., the time a customer comes into the shop will be the price they pay for a single scoop. If they come in at 1:50 p.m., each scoop will be $1.50.

“We try really hard to keep the prices down,” said Murray. “We don’t want a family of four to break the bank to come get ice cream here.”

Patti said she hopes businesses use the location as a relaxed place for meetings. She said she has already spoken to local businesses about that potential. Most of all, she wants to see people happy when they are at the shop.

“We want to see people enjoy coming here,” she said.

Although Gary was on a trip to Africa, he sent a note stating how thankful he is for the community’s support.

“If you haven’t already, stop by to enjoy your favorite ice cream and friendly employees and make yourself at home,” he said.

GREAT FALLS CREAMERY is open seven days a week all year around. From Monday to Thursday and Sunday, it is open noon to 9 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, it is open noon to 10 p.m. It is located at 766 Walker Road behind the Old Brogue Irish Pub.