Letter: Concern Over Animals

Letter: Concern Over Animals

— To the Editor:

One of the reasons I am supporting Adam Ebbin for Congress in the 8th District, is because I am passionate about animal welfare/rights protection. This diverse population of sentient beings, are pitifully underrepresented in our country and around the globe so to lose an advocate like retiring Congressman, Jim Moran, is a huge loss for them.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Adam Ebbin on some animal welfare issues here in Virginia and I believe he would be a strong voice for them if elected. His record demonstrates this. For example, in the 2014 legislative session he was a patron of the commonly referred to “Puppy Mill” law, (SB 228) which requires pet dealers to reimburse consumers for certain veterinary fees if they have purchased an unhealthy pet, (only 21 states have Lemon Laws). He was also a patron on the Fox/Coyote Penning (SB 42), which has penalties to erect, maintain, or operate an enclosure for the purpose of hunting with dogs.

Maybe Adam’s experiences living as a gay man and the adversities he’s had to overcome because of this, will make him a strong voice for animals? Like their human counterparts, sentient beings are capable of feeling love, pain, loss, and a sense of family. In a way the core arguments for gay rights and for civil rights could be applied to them too.

Adam has been fighting for us in the Virginia Senate as a strong liberal for the last three years and eight years prior to that as a state delegate. He is a consensus builder who will get things done on the Hill. He will fight for issues that are important to me, and you.

Please vote for Adam Ebbin for Congress in the 8th District of Virginia, on June 10.

Heather Rogers, Animal Rights Advocate