Letter: Don't Rush into Medicaid Expansion

Letter: Don't Rush into Medicaid Expansion

To the Editor:

John Glazer’s letter “Bottom Line To Help or Not” in the May 22-28, Mount Vernon Gazette responds to my letter urging thorough consideration of data before expanding Medicaid to avoid problems because of money shortage and not establishing short and long term systems that will help instead of hurt those intended to help. John Glaser attempts to justify his position based on not so sound programs. For example, he contends similar arguments were used by those who opposed Social security as are used today to delay Medicaid expansion.

The Social Security system is going broke, according to published reports, unless it is fixed. Party politics and scare tactics are used by politicians to prevent the system from being fixed to the detriment of those now on Social Security and future eligible persons. This program is a good example of why long-term considerations must be considered before expanding Medicaid.

John Glaser takes issue with my comment that Obamacare is a disaster and he attempts to justify Obamacare is not a disaster by stating that 12 million people have enrolled. But, he doesn’t state how many actually have insurance and not merely enrolled. And, what is the cost now compared to before Obamacare for those who have been fortunate to get new insurance? Also, the promises made by the President “If you like your plan, you can keep it,” “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” and the cost to a family will be reduced by $2,500. None of those are true.

I heard on TV a number of people, including those who supported Obamacare, whose insurance was cancelled because of Obamacare complain that their insurance premiums have doubled or tripled, their deductibles have increased substantially and they no longer can keep their own doctor as promised by President Obama. One person said that he now has to travel 50 miles to go to a hospital whereas before Obamacare he could go to a local medical facility.

If Obamacare is so great, as John Glazer believes, why were over 2,000 waivers granted including the state of Nevada that Harry Reid represents as a U.S. senator and principal proponent of Obamacare? Also, why are members of Congress and their staff and the President exempt? And, why does President Obama continue to favor those who politically support him, e.g. unions, the most recent example, by providing exemptions or subsidies? President Obama and all those exempt from Obamacare should voluntarily give up the exemption and sign up for Obamacare to show their total support for it. Further, Obamacare has 21 taxes including a 3 percent tax on medical devices. How does such a sick tax help those in need of medical devices help them?

We should learn from past actions and avoid catastrophes, as stated above, to occur by rushing to expand Medicaid. So let’s be deliberate and do the best we can to establish an effective Medicaid expansion system instead of rushing to score political points. Those who may qualify for Medicaid deserve no less.

Frank Medico Mount Vernon