People: Style in the Streets

People: Style in the Streets

Classic Casual


Lewis Blasiotta poses for a picture after sharing about his outfit.

A sense of style can be found anywhere. Down King Street and into the Carlyle area, people shared about their outfits where the style of choice was classic casual.

Lewis Blasiotti, a Haymarket native, was dressed in a white collared shirt, green pants, a flag-decorated belt and brown walking shoes. He was walking up and down King Street taking photographs of different parts of old town.

“I would say my style is classic and comfortable,” Blasiotti said.

The green of his pants tied in with the pieces of green in the belt to pulled the outfit together. “I wear [the green khakis] because they’re comfortable and I wear a lot of clothes in the green family, I got them from Kohl’s, and the belt is my favorite, I got that from a store in North Carolina, but I can’t remember the name of it.” Blasiotti also wore brown walking shoes, which matched the brown in his belt.


Kate Woodhouse stands tall in her classic casual outfit after a brief lunch and chat about her style.

Kate Woodhouse, originally from the U.K. but now living in Alexandria, wore a white long-sleeved shirt, green scarf, navy blue pants, and a pale green/gold belt.

“The shirt is from Anne Taylor, the pants and belt from Old Navy, and the scarf was a gift from a friend, so I don’t know were that’s from,” Woodhouse said.

The scarf and belt were in the same color family, tying the outfit together. She wore neutrals with a pop of color to bring out her style and individuality. “My favorite item in my closet is a red dress because I was wearing it 5 years ago when I met my fiance.”

Woodhouse mostly wears navy blues, neutral colors, and white, but her favorite item is a bright exciting color.