ArtSpace Herndon Opens Far and Wide

ArtSpace Herndon Opens Far and Wide

Paintings by Trisha Adams on display until May 25.

In the new ArtSpace Herndon exhibit Far and Wide: Travel as Muse, artist Trisha Adams displays a visual journey. Unique architecture and distinctive trees offer interesting new shapes, and plants, earth, and buildings present color palettes. “We are very excited to display Trisha Adams works at ArtSpace,” said Lawrence Verbiest, executive director of the ArtSpace Herndon.

This is Adams’ first solo show at ArtSpace Herndon. A California native, Adams moved to Virginia to work for a local newspaper. In 2001, she began painting and by 2004 was a fulltime painter. She enjoys traveling and landscapes are a favorite subject.

“I already have some favorite pieces in this art show,” said Herndon resident Tricia C. Ratliff who has also made oil paintings. A friend of the artist, Ratliff purchased several of Adams’ works.

ArtSpace Herndon visitor Lorrie Herman admired the painting Light Through Tree (Emerald Isle, NC). “I think the green trees are really striking to me, the light and shade color are amazing,” said Herman. Herman has taken art classes taught by Adams at ArtSpace Herndon. “It has kind of a flickering sky that kind of lights up within. It feels like the sun is fleeting.”

The exhibit shows 21 paintings done by Adams in a contemporary impressionist style. “I am struck by the differences in light and atmosphere I encounter away from home,” stated Adams. “These differences affect the way I approach the painting. Clear brilliant skies call for bold colors and bravado, while low-hanging clouds dictate soft edges and mystery. It is not just that the subject matter is different when one travels. It is that the basic building blocks the artist works with has changed. The light and atmosphere affects edge quality. Unique architecture and distinctive trees present interesting new shapes.”

ArtSpace Herndon is located at 750 Center Street, Herndon. Adams exhibit Far and Wide will be on display at ArtSpace Herndon until May 25. This exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information, visit