Praising Muslim Foundation’s ‘Faith in Action’

Praising Muslim Foundation’s ‘Faith in Action’

Fundraising dinner highlight charitable activities.

Interfaith liaison the Rev. Mansfield Kaseman with Tufail Ahmad, MCMF founder.

Interfaith liaison the Rev. Mansfield Kaseman with Tufail Ahmad, MCMF founder. Photo Contributed


Terry and Joyce Seamans from Adventist Community Services


Michael Rubin, Executive Director of Impact Silver Spring


Shane Rock, CEO Interfaith Works


County Executive Ike Leggett


Tufail Ahmad, MCMF founder

— More than 200 people attended the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation’s (MCMF) annual fundraising dinner on Nov. 1 where County Executive Isiah Leggett complimented the organization on their many charitable activities.

“The many programs of the MCMF dedicated to helping the needy residents of Montgomery County prove how ‘Faith in Action’ can make a difference for the homeless and disadvantaged residents of Montgomery County,” said Leggett.

Leggett was joined at the dinner by Montgomery County Council Member George Leventhal, County Council President Craig Rice, Director of the Office of Community Partnership Bruce Adams, Interfaith Community Liaison the Rev. Mansfield Kaseman and his wife, and Daniel K Perry, constituent service representative from the office of U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen as well as other local community leaders.

Several partner and recipient organizations also attended the function and praised the MCMF for its welfare activities. Among the program beneficiaries of the event who attended were Mark Foker, development director, Manna Food Center; Shane Rock, CEO Interfaith Works; Terry and Joyce Seamans from Adventist Community Services, and Michael Rubin, executive director of Impact Silver Spring.

A documentary highlighted the many programs that MCMF sponsors throughout the county. It explained that, through a multitude of programs, the organization encourages and promotes Muslim community involvement and interest in the county, encourages Interfaith activities, eliminates hunger, bridges barriers, creates solutions to social problems and assists the needy, regardless of race, religion, gender and social background. The programs include the senior’s assistance program, transportation services for seniors in the county, MCMF youth program, the annual food drive for Manna, the mobile food pantry program, MCMF Feed the Homeless program two weeks each month at local shelters, Thanksgiving meal program for needy families and Christmas Holiday Gift Baskets programs for the needy.

The recipients of the generosity of the MCMF shared their gratitude for the dedication and support of the hard-working members of the organization. In his address, Kaseman said that he considered the team at MCMF not only as a colleague but soul mates in creating “the more beloved community. Whether we are dealing with hunger, health care, senior services, acts of hatred or celebrating our essential unity in the midst of diversity. MCMF plays a significant role. In short, you are a blessing.”

Shane Rock, CEO of Interfaith Works, said in his speech, "MCMF is a vital partner with Interfaith Works in helping Montgomery County neighbors in need, including serving hundreds of meals to women living in our emergency shelter program. MCMF truly embodies faith in action.”

Mark Foker, director of development at Manna Food Center commended the partnership with MCMF and said, “Manna Food Center is fortunate to have the support of an active and dedicated community as we work to end hunger in the county. It is groups like MCMF that help us ensure we never turn away a person in need due to lack of food.”

Michael Rubin, interim executive director, IMPACT Silver Spring, said, “IMPACT Silver Spring is proud to partner with the MCMF on the annual Zabiha meat distribution for those in our community who continue to struggle economically. The generosity of MCMF towards the entire community is a true example of faith in action and a wonderful model for our county.”

The keynote speaker, Dr.Tareq Elgehwary, a Princeton graduate of Islamic Studies stressed that "Islam has a strong tradition of charity and for generations Muslims have given money to build schools, hospitals, and even care for animals.” He reinforced the mission of MCMF and stated that “MCMF stands on the shoulders of this tradition and it was his hope that it continues its work in Montgomery County."

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