Great Falls Writer’s Group Combines Perspective About Time in First-Ever Group Anthology

Great Falls Writer’s Group Combines Perspective About Time in First-Ever Group Anthology

En masse, Great Falls Writer’s Group (GFWG) members put pens to paper for the group’s first published work, “Passages On Time.” The collaborative effort is being published this week and will be available at the first Great Falls Book Festival on Saturday, May 2.

Writers were asked to reflect about their relationships with time. Perspectives profiled in the book come from experiences spanning seven decades, ranging from a childhood memory learning to tell time, charging and paying by the minute, and a 95-year-old wondering whether she will have enough time.

"After hearing the different perspectives of each member's interpretation of the writing prompt at our last meeting, I commented that we should make a book,” said the anthology’s editor Esther Eacho. “So, here we are.”

Patricia Attkisson and Merrill Lishan are copy editors for the compilation that contains dozens of works.

The GFWG meets monthly to explore ways to grow individual writing strengths. Membership includes authors of many generations and genres. Most members began their professional lives focused on sciences, law, and other professions, but writing evolved into a daily passion. Engineering words is the common thread binding members together. Members learn from each other, exploring new writing opportunities together and as individuals.

“Time is universal, and each person relates to and uses time differently. All readers will appreciate the interpretations of our author's in this anthology," said Eacho.

“Passages On Time” will be available during the “Evening with the Authors” portion of the Saturday, May 2, Great Falls Book Festival at 7 p.m. at the Great Falls Library. During the evening session, 15 authors celebrate recent publication of their works available for signing.

--Christina Tyler Wenks