Honoring Living Legends of Alexandria

Honoring Living Legends of Alexandria

Since its founding in 1749, Alexandria has been home to Living Legends the likes of George Washington and his compatriots, war heroes, community leaders, good neighbors and the “Now Generation.” Until 2007, few of Alexandria’s contemporary Legends were recognized, but then came Living Legends of Alexandria project.

Each year since, a select group of Alexandrians are recognized for their vision, commitment and perseverance towards making Alexandria a better place to live, work and do business. Few have sought recognition, but Living Legends of Alexandria has found them, photographed them and written biographies about them and their accomplishments to capture the often unrecognized contributions they have made to the betterment of Alexandria.

As a nonprofit organization, the existence of Living Legends of Alexandria depends on the support of community businesses and residents. It holds an annual “unveiling” reception of each year’s Legends and publishes a catalog of their photos and biographies. The catalog is collected by the Alexandria Library, the Library of Virginia in Richmond and is registered at the U.S. Library of Congress.

The portraits of the 2015 Living Legends of Alexandria are displayed in the Market Square Lobby of City Hall or at www.AlexandriaLegends.org.