Potomac Brief: Detectives Arrest Private School Teacher

Potomac Brief: Detectives Arrest Private School Teacher

Montgomery County Police Special Victims Investigations Division detectives have been investigating the report of inappropriate sexual contact between a private school teacher and two students that occurred to one student beginning in 2012 and to the other student beginning in 2015.

On July 14, 2015, a teenage female victim disclosed that a male teacher at her school, Connelly School of the Holy Child, located at 9029 Bradley Boulevard in Potomac, had initiated and then maintained a personal relationship with her that began in October of 2014. It began with informal association at social and sporting events, then increased to daily personal communications, and by May of 2015, had escalated to inappropriate sexual touching, according to police.

Through the course of the investigation, police noted a second victim. Victim 2’s encounters with the suspect had begun in 2008 when Victim 2 was a teenage student at Connelly. The suspect had cultivated a personal friendship with her, which escalated by 2012 to inappropriate sexual contact, according to police.

The suspect’s employment by the school was terminated when the administration became aware of the criminal allegations against him. He was arrested and charged on July 16 with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of fourth-degree sexual offense. He was held on a $35,000 bond.

The Special Victims Investigations Division may be contacted at 240-773-5400.