Letter: For the Good Of All

Letter: For the Good Of All

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In my opinion and regrettably, most politicians in Richmond or Washington, DC today — in either party — lack the leadership skills and the ability to work with others to solve problems. Most politicians today seem to prefer pointing fingers and assigning blame, instead of working cooperatively to get things done.

Here is the reason I am supporting Dumfries Mayor Gerald “Jerry” Foreman’s candidacy for Virginia Senate in the 36th District (parts of Prince William, Fairfax and Stafford counties): For those of you who don’t know him, Jerry is a no-nonsense, plain-spoken retired Marine who puts public service before partisan politics. From my personal experience with Mayor Foreman, he has reached out beyond the town limits to work to solve problems beyond those limits regardless of party affiliation. He just wants to get the job done for the good of all concerned.

Jerry is running as a Republican, but doesn’t view Democrats as the enemy. He knows that both parties need to work together if we are going to solve the problems facing our commonwealth. He’ll be a terrific senator and I am proud to support him.

Eileen Thrall