Letter: Leadership Suggestion

Letter: Leadership Suggestion

Letter to the Editor

To The Editor:

I am somewhat elated and thankful for the letter printed Feb. 5, "Don't Complain, Help Fix," responding to an earlier letter printed Jan. 29, "Vision for the City" regarding our acting city manager Mark Jinks.

I'm compelled to elaborate that my letter to the editor was not to challenge or demand the acting city manager to take on the position of city manager.

It was a letter of questions and a sense of appreciation concerning the difficult role of managing the city. With that said, my question is: Has our acting city manager Mark Jinks ever applied for the position as city manager? It’s a simple question and not meant to impugn anyone.

With this in mind, I, as many other residents of our city, would like to know how many deputy city managers does the city have? With that question, why doesn’t the City Council hire from in-house instead of an outsider?

I have to admit I have much respect for our city leaders and councilmembers.

Geri Baldwin