Letter: Is a House of Worship Just Another House?

Letter: Is a House of Worship Just Another House?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Saturday night March 21, 2015, sometime during the night, person or persons unknown, broke into Messiah Lutheran Church. They broke in through a window and broke several doors looking for whatever monies they thought we might have. Nothing was vandalized, this time. Several years ago, a break in occurred. Then a stained glass window was broken and a cross was damaged.

Messiah is a small congregation in the Mt. Vernon area. We have no large spires or priceless works of art. We are involved in the neighborhood through works with United Community Ministries, ROC, the Eleanor Kennedy Shelter, and other charitable organizations. Oh and yes, we also just celebrated our 61st anniversary as a house of worship.

Anyone who was ever a victim of a robbery in their home, understands the feeling of sadness that accompanies a violation of their personal space. But I think the sadness is even greater when one’s place of solace and fellowship each week, is the subject of such a crime. The church brings people together and offers a safe haven for those who sometimes do not have a lot to celebrate or joy in their lives. If only for that brief time together, Sunday morning is for some the only friendship and feeling of belonging that comes from worshipping God, and that space has been violated, we can only imagine how all who attend a House of Worship must view those who “trespass against us.”

And yet, we are called to forgive and pray for those souls who have such low regard for their neighbors.

We will continue to do the work that we do in Jesus’s name. Our work in the community with our neighbors will continue. Our work in the world will continue. May everyone who attends and works for their House of Worship continue despite whomever thinks their House is just another house. It isn’t. It’s the community of neighbor helping neighbor here and abroad. It is the hope for peace and working toward that peace.

Jane Paul

Council President

Messiah Lutheran Church