Letter: Estate’s Effect On Traffic

Letter: Estate’s Effect On Traffic

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

How can George Washington be a better neighbor? Over the last few years, the number of attractions and the number of visitors to Mount Vernon Estate has really increased. I have to drive through the chaos that this has created every day to get to work. I often wonder how an unsupervised four-way traffic stop, bus stop, tourist crossing area (and there are many more of them), and taxi pickup area can all be crammed into one area? Surely a better traffic pattern could be developed. Surely the estate should or could have been asked to consider the traffic impact to neighbors. I recall trying to secure approval for some work in my back yard and the country rightfully wanted to make sure I would not impact my neighbors. I don't recall anyone asking me about the latest patterns. And with Fort Belvoir expanding, the traffic will only increase.

Sure I want what's best for the estate. It's a wonderful place. Just find me a way to bypass it all and we would all be happier. I thought that's what would be incorporated into the library design but again, no. The hassle we experience could have been avoided a few times. Let's talk about one now.

Michael MacNair