Lord and Lady Fairfax at Large

Lord and Lady Fairfax at Large

Bulova names Kate Hanley and Lt. Col. John P. McAnaw as Lady and Lord Fairfax at large.

The Board of Supervisors named the 2015 Lords and Ladies Fairfax on Tuesday, May 12.

The Board of Supervisors named the 2015 Lords and Ladies Fairfax on Tuesday, May 12. Photo Contributed

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova named Katherine K. Hanley, former board chairman, as this year’s At-Large Lady Fairfax.

Hanley was first elected to the Fairfax County School Board, then the Board of Supervisors as the Providence District supervisor and then as Board of Supervisors chairman.

“During her tenure, Ms. Hanley worked tirelessly with other members of the board, not only advocating for education, but also for human services and affordable housing. In recognition, a homeless shelter for families, was named after her. Recently additional transitional housing units called ‘Kate’s Place’ were built adjacent to the shelter,” said Bulova.

Hanley was instrumental in the establishment of the Revenue Stabilization fund along with a significant investment in building Fairfax County’s Information Technology infrastructure, said Bulova. “She was also a great proponent of transportation initiatives, helping to position the Silver Line for federal funding.”

After leaving the Board of Supervisors, Hanley served as Secretary of the Commonwealth, and is now on the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, the Fairfax County Electoral Board and the Community Services Board. She has led the bipartisan election commission, the committee on the meals tax, an effort that brought together disparate, competing groups who came up with a near unanimous vote to bring a report to the Board of Supervisors, said Bulova.

Bulova cited Lt. Col. John P. McAnaw’s love for history, love of country and love of service reasons she named him the 2015 Lord Fairfax.

“Lt. Col. John P. McAnaw is well known for his tireless work to preserve history in Fairfax County,” said Bulova. “His love of our past earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the History Commission for his decades of service as a Civil War Historian.”

The Park Authority honored McAnaw by naming a recreation area for his preservation efforts.

A veteran serving in leadership roles within VFW Post 8469, McAnaw is the past president of the Bull Run Civil War Roundtable. He helped lead the effort to preserve Ox Hill, an important Civil War site. In addition to this, he is also a board member of the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum and has served as a historian for a number of local organizations in Fairfax County.

In his Kings Park West community, McAnaw has served as chairman of the Parks committee, leading numerous efforts to mobilize scouts and volunteers to build and maintain trails throughout the parkland surrounding Royal Lake.