Letter: Tainted Endorsement?

Letter: Tainted Endorsement?

To the Editor:

A national group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-muslim and anti-gay hate group has been involved in Fairfax County Public Schools politics since April, and now has endorsed a slate of candidates for School Board. The Traditional Values Coalition, known for equating gays to child molesters and Nazi’s, brought a level of vitriol to School Board discussions with their involvement this spring that I have not seen in my 15 years of working for FCPS.

This nationally-focused hate group has endorsed at-large candidates: Jeanette Hough, Bob Copeland, and Manar Jean-Jacques; and district candidates Pete Kurzenhauser (Dranesville); Mark Wilkinson (Hunter Mill); Anthony Stacy (Mt. Vernon); Patty Reed (Providence); Elizabeth Schultz (Springfield); and Tom Wilson (Sully).

I encourage and challenge the candidates to repudiate this tainted endorsement and return Fairfax discourse to local stakeholders. One is known by the company one keeps.

Robert Rigby, Jr.

Sponsor of the Full Spectrum Gay-Straight Alliance and Latin teacher at West Potomac High School