Letter: Level of Maturity

Letter: Level of Maturity

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

There have been numerous comments in regard to Allison Silberberg’s experience. In my opinion Ms. Silberberg possesses the experience, wisdom, humility and compassion to be a wonderful mayor and lead us into a new era. Ms. Silberberg’s ability to listen with an open mind as opposed to coming to the table with preconceived ideas is refreshing and needed.

It takes wisdom and experience to realize that listening to your constitutes is a better long term leadership strategy than believing your intelligence and ideas are superior to those of your constituents.

At a recent council debate, a couple of comments solidified what I believe is the problem with the current administration with the exception of Ms. Silberberg. One councilwoman made a comment that I'll paraphrase as “we know things that you don’t”; her comments were directed to a fairly well educated audience including several PhDs, a Harvard MBA, and an astrophysicist, as well as numerous engineers, lawyers and successful business people. Another councilman on several occasions spoke loudly that the challengers were wrong, misinformed, and just didn’t understand. Maybe he was right factually, but his approach was arrogant, and regardless of the "facts," he failed to see the "truth" in the issues being raised. Budgets regardless of capital or operational need to be funded by revenue. Interest on capital expenses erode what revenue is available for required services, so no matter how accurately you can describe the "words," the concept remains that we have a problem. In regard to housing affordability, those who raise the issue are more correct that those who place their heads in the sand of facts.

Ms. Silberberg truly cares about this city and can set an agenda of caring, thoughtfulness, and listening that I believe is sorely needed. That level of maturity and wisdom is why I am supporting Allison Silberberg on Nov. 3.

Joe Demshar