Letter: No Chance to Debate

Letter: No Chance to Debate

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Recently, the Alexandria Chamber claimed the “voters of Alexandria are entitled to a debate where they can hear from both candidates, side-by-side, at the same time … (to) independently evaluate each candidate’s ideas, visions for the city and how they intend to lead.”

While this call was for the mayoral race, I only wish this would apply to all political races here in Alexandria. We deserve it.

As the Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, I have been denied the same opportunity the Chamber claims in so important and vital. Transparency, accountability and open communication are foundations of our democracy. The upcoming General Assembly at the statehouse in Richmond will include many important issues. Yet, my incumbent opponent has chosen to not participate in any debate. Sadly,

this should have been quite simple as this district is exclusively in the city, and does not include any part of Fairfax or Arlington.

This past spring, during the Democratic Primary Debate to replace Rob Krupicka, debate moderator Julie Carey asked some fantastic questions on charter schools, Dominion Power, redistricting and the minimum wage along with 16 other questions. The space in this letter do not permit a response, and my views are available on my campaign website. Rather, I would like to respond to one of the best questions that night, “what bills will you propose on your first day?”

Here is my Day One agenda and five bills: (1) Blue Ribbon Schools; (2) protection for our Animal control officers; (3) immediate action on Landmark Mall; and (4) fund

the region’s 668 untested rape kits, including 91 untested rape kits right here in the city. (5) I will fight the proposed $17 tolls on I-66. They will strangle small businesses, tax working families and clog Alexandria streets with cut through traffic. It will become BRAC 2.0, and I will not stand for it.

I have strong roots in the city and know good governance is expected by our educated citizens. While the voters have been denied accountability and transparency, we have a real choice next week. When I run for re-election, I promise to hold open debates and forums across our great city. I ask for your support and your vote on Nov. 3.

Sean Lenehan

Candidate House of Delegates, 46th District