Letter: Support FCPS Programs

Letter: Support FCPS Programs

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Mount Vernon faces a clear choice next week on Nov. 3, when we go to elect our candidate for School Board. Karen Corbett Sanders is a fantastic choice to represent this community, and I'm not just saying that because she and I were classmates in high school, growing up together here in Mount Vernon. Karen has had quite an impressive career, having managed a multi-million dollar budget as vice president of International at Verizon Wireless, she now owns and operates a small business, and is the mother of two children who are graduates of Fairfax County Public Schools, like herself. Karen was the PTA president of two Mount Vernon schools and has long demonstrated a passion for our community and a strong involvement in the education of our children.

Challenging times require policymakers to work across party, organizational and jurisdictional lines to restore funding, and developing innovative solutions to ensure each of our community schools is an academic center of excellence, e.g. increasing community and business partnerships, exploring approaches to sharing resources, developing more opportunities for dual enrollment, early college, experiential learning, and leveraging the natural resources of Fairfax County (historical residences, our fantastic parks, Ft. Belvoir and Mount Vernon hospital, just to give some examples).

I urge Mount Vernon voters to elect Karen Corbett Sanders for School Board. She will be a strong partner and advocate for our schools to work with me in our fight for more state funding for Fairfax County Public Schools in the legislature to avoid cutting signature FCPS programs and increasing the resources available to our students and teachers. She will be a terrific School Board member for our Mount Vernon schools. Please vote for Karen Corbett Sanders for School Board on Nov. 3.

Paul Krizek