Mount Vernon Church Supports Women’s March

Mount Vernon Church Supports Women’s March

At its monthly December meeting, the board of trustees of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church voted to support the Jan. 21 Women's March on Washington D.C.

The Rev. Dr. Kate Walker offered her support and leadership: "With the upcoming Women’s March on Washington it is important to publicly demonstrate support for all those being targeted with sexist, racist, ableist and other xenophobic language by leaders in our beloved country. These are morally challenging times in our country. As Unitarian Universalists we have long stood for basic rights of all people, full equality and generosity of spirit.

"When these values are threatened as they are now, we recognize the need for protest and being allies with those most impacted. The Women’s March on Washington is an important opportunity to hold up our values in the heart of our democracy on a weekend when millions around the world will be watching how our country holds to our democratic values. Members and friends of Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church will be present on this important moment in history.”

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