Pet Photos for the Pet Connection

Pet Photos for the Pet Connection

The Pet Connection, a twice-yearly special edition, will publish on Feb. 24, and photos and stories of your pets with you and your family should be submitted by Feb. 17.

We invite you to send us stories about your pets, photos of you and/or your family with your cats, dogs, llamas, alpacas, hamsters, snakes, lizards, frogs, rabbits, or whatever other creatures share your home or yard with you.

Tell us the story of a special bond between a child and a dog, the story of how you came to adopt your pet, or examples of amazing feats of your creatures. Do you volunteer at an animal shelter or therapeutic riding center or take your pet to visit people in a nursing home? Does your business have a pet? Is your business about pets? Have you helped to train an assistance dog? Do you or someone in your family depend on an assistance dog?

Or take this opportunity to memorialize a beloved pet you have lost.

Just a cute photo is fine too. Our favorite pictures include both pets and humans.

Please tell us a little bit about your creature, identify everyone in the photo, give a brief description what is happening in the photo, and include address and phone number (we will not publish your address or phone number, just your town name).

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