Mount Vernon Letter: Let’s Agree On Common Sense

Mount Vernon Letter: Let’s Agree On Common Sense

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Here are a few things which might help Frank Medico [Letter, “Infringing on Second Amendment,” The Gazette, Jan. 7] understand the current debate. The correct term is “common sense gun legislation,” not “common sense gun control.” There is a difference. He writes, “They never, however, state how these ‘common sense’ gun laws they want could have stopped the killings that occurred in Newtown, Conn., San Bernardino, Calif and the marathon bombing in Massachusetts,” because they probably would not have stopped them. But clearly, common sense gun legislation could stop future tragedies.

Further on he says, “They always bring out the extremes. They want to ban AK-47’s.” Not true. What we in Northern Virginia have set as our top three priorities for the upcoming legislative session are universal background checks, a Domestic Violence Restraining Order bill, and a return to the one-gun-a-month law. Nothing extreme here and no mention of AK-47’s. So how exactly would these three common sense gun legislation bills infringe on Mr. Medico’s constitutional rights?

He and those who share his views like to point to Chicago and other high crime cities with tough gun laws that still have high crime murder rates. They seldom acknowledge that many of the guns used in those cities came from neighboring states and counties who have not enacted common sense gun legislation. It’s simple — go to Indiana, buy your guns, and bring them back to Chicago.

Finally, as to why the Attorney General recently took action to notify 25 states that their concealed carry permits ( CCP ) would no longer be recognized in Virginia is because he did what you and others have consistently said he should do — enforced the laws already on the books. Why would you want someone who couldn’t meet Virginia’s weak requirements to get a CCP to come here with their concealed weapon?

If you look at facts and don’t judge based on ideology you will see that common sense gun legislation does make sense and will save lives.

John K. Bergen


The writer is the public health and safety coordinator for the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence.