Letter: Protect Homeowners, and School Budget

Letter: Protect Homeowners, and School Budget

To the Editor

To the Editor:

Regarding John Knight's letter ("Seniors Unfairly Tapped for School Budget") in the last week’s Connection: While the sentiment is nice and I would join anyone in complaining about the burden of taxes being put on all the homeowners; in my opinion businesses and developers get away with tax breaks. Our supervisors and planning commissions are over developing Tysons; creating traffic and other problems, and then they complain about the low occupancy rate. The fix to those problems is raising homeowner taxes. I don't think giving seniors a break due to the fact they no longer have kids in school is fair or wise. Those schools prepared our kids and now have the task of preparing our and another generation of childrens' kids. Many of the people in our neighborhood who are young don't have kids. Shouldn't they also be given dispensation. I would prefer we pass the meals tax and stop giving other breaks to businesses and developers. That would be a much better means of supplemental funding of our schools and help to keep our homeowners’ taxes from escalating. Well-educated children are resources to seniors, couples and singles without children and current parents alike.

Michael Knudsen