Letter: Joining Climate Defenders

Letter: Joining Climate Defenders

To the Editor

To the Editor:

Since I was a young child, the environment has been an important part of my life. Climate change is threatening us today both near and far. Here in Burke, we had to deal with two foot snowfall for the past six years, which is very abnormal for this area of Virginia. Being 50 percent Brazilian, I feel strongly that the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest is devastating a worldwide natural treasure.

Just last week, Governor McAuliffe signed an executive order to create a task force in order to target carbon emissions in our state of Virginia. I am very proud to have a governor that is truly taking action in trying to help out our environment of Virginia. With Richmond being one of the asthma capitals of the U.S., our state needs more environmentally conscious action from Governor McAuliffe. Though Governor McAuliffe has taken the first step, there is still more work to be done.

Due to my strong investment in wanting to better our environment, I joined Environment Virginia’s Climate Defenders campaign. I work to mobilize voters to have their voices heard on environmental issues. I’m always looking for more volunteers to help us make a difference.

Join me in supporting clean power in Virginia by spreading the word. Write a letter yourself, call your State Senator, or get your friends involved in our campaign. Email me at tgoering@environmentvirginia.org to learn more.

Theo Goering