Mount Vernon, Alexandria: Coming: Children’s Gazette 2016

Mount Vernon, Alexandria: Coming: Children’s Gazette 2016

Get creative and send art, poetry and more.

During the last week of each year, The Gazette devotes its entire issue to the creativity of local students and children. The results are always remarkable. It is a keepsake edition for many families. Even readers without children of that age spend time admiring and chuckling over the issue. The annual Children's Gazette is a tradition of well over a decade.

We publish artwork, poetry, essays, creative writing, opinion pieces, short stories, photography, photos of sculpture or gardens or other creative efforts.

We ask that all submissions be digital so they can be sent through email or delivered on CD or flash drive. Writing should be submitted in rich text format (.rtf). Artwork should be photographed or scanned and provided in jpeg format.

Some suggestions:

  • Drawings or paintings or photographs of your family, friends, pets or some favorite activity. These should be photographed or scanned and submitted in jpeg format. Photos of sculpture or larger art projects are also welcome.

  • Short answers (50 to 100 words) to some of the following questions: If you could give your parents, family or friends any gift that didn't cost money what would that gift be? What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming year? What is one thing that you would change about school? What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite toy? What makes a good parent? What makes a good friend? Describe one of the best or worst things that ever happened to you? What is the best gift you've ever given? Ever received?

  • Your opinion (50 to 100 words) about traffic, sports, restaurants, video games, toys, trends, politics, etc.

  • Poetry or other creative writing.

  • News stories from school newspapers.

  • Photos and text about activities or events.

We welcome contributions from public and private schools, individuals and homeschoolers.

To be published, we must have the full first and last name of the student artist/writer.

Identify each piece of writing or art, including the student's full name, age, grade and town of residence, plus the name of the school, name of teacher and town of school location.

To send CDs or flash drives containing artwork and typed, electronic submissions, mark them clearly by school and hometown and mail the CD or flash drive to: Children's Gazette, 1606 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Please send all submissions by Friday, Dec. 2. The Children's Gazette will publish the last week of 2016.

You can see last year’s editions by visiting and scroll down to Children’s Edition.

Email submissions for the Children's Gazette to