Fairfax Letter: Mason Student Senate Opposes Meals Tax

Fairfax Letter: Mason Student Senate Opposes Meals Tax

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Earlier this month, the 37th Student Senate of George Mason University voted to stand with members of the Fairfax community in opposition to the meals tax referendum, which will appear on the November ballot. This resolution expresses the concern of many students that a meals tax will be regressive towards lower income individuals within our community, many of which are our fellow students, as they are higher consumers of prepared food items. While many of us have benefited from public education and recognize the importance of funding our local school system, we cannot support a tax that will disproportionally impact those in our community who depend the most on dining options that would be affected by this tax. The Student Government of George Mason University strives to promote an affordable college experience for every student at Mason and in a year where tuition and fees have increased across the board, we cannot support yet another increased cost that students will have to cope with. Therefore, pursuant to Resolution #2 passed by the Student Senate on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, we encourage all members of the Fairfax community to vote “NO” and actively oppose the 2016 Meals Tax Referendum in the upcoming general election.

Caleb J. Kitchen

Speaker of the Student Senate

George Mason University