McLean Letter: Tysons Needs Schools Too

McLean Letter: Tysons Needs Schools Too

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

As it is widely known, Spring Hill Elementary is bursting at the seams, and is officially over capacity. We currently have around 1,000 students. Yet, the Tysons Development plan continues to roll out more and more new housing projects. The latest ground breaking ceremony for The Boro at Tysons will have 700 residential units in Phase One alone.

This is just one example of many new building projects popping up each day. Our school simply cannot handle the influx of students this high density housing will bring. To make matters worse, the new elementary school planned to serve Tysons is not slated to open until 2030. It's astounding that this amount of residential development was approved without plans for a school for all these new residents. Our children at Spring Hill are paying the price with overcrowded conditions at school that is only getting worse, with no end in sight.

This rate of development with zero concern about the impact on area schools is nothing short of reckless and irresponsible. I am sickened by the priorities of our Supervisor placing the developers above our children. I am appalled by our school board representative who is taking no action to right this wrong. We need this addressed now. Today. Not in 2030. This is an egregious disservice to Dranesville residents, and our children at Spring Hill. Our children deserve better than this.

Megan Roberge

Spring Hill PTO